Ritigowla – The Raaga with a Mesmerising Melody

Ritigowla – The Raaga with a Mesmerising Melody

A janya raaga of Kharaharapriya, Ritigowla also called NARIRITIGOWLA, is a vakra, rakthi raaga, a raaga that is considered very classical and meritorious in the Carnatic music field. It is very easy to identify this raaga due to the typical beautiful sanchaaras present in the compositions. This is one raaga which deserves the compliment “manam mayakkum Ritigowlai”. The melody of this raaga is magical and will surely mesmerize the listener with its charm. The raaga assumes a pleading quality, and evokes a combination of karuna and bhakthi rasas. Ritigowla – an all time raaga is an ideal choice to sing in vilamba kala in the middle of a concert, to bring the listeners into a contemplative and calm frame of mind. This is also a Bhashanga Raagam, where the note Suddha Dha appears in some sancharas. Ritigowla belongs to the Dvitiya Ghana Panchaka (second series of Ghana raagas) group.

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